Wonderful Humpback Whales and abundant beauty in our surroundings!


Common Murres

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Our sightings: Humpback Whales, Steller Sea Lions, Harbour Seals, Bald Eagles, Rhinoceros and Cassin’s Auklets, Common Murres, Belted Kingfishers and Gulls.

Our viewing of Humpback Whales was wonderful today! Those that we identified were Fern, Ojos Blancos (White Eyes), Merge, Zig Zag and Guardian. There was a lone young Humpback Whale calf that we observed swimming close to the Sea Lion rock in amongst the kelp forests. The Sea Lions were jumping and rolling all around it in play and the calf appeared to be playful as well. Our ID photographs have been forwarded to MERS (Marine Education & Research Society) in the hope that the ID of this young calf can be established and /or its mother who did not appear to be present. All in all we saw seven to eight Humpback Whales today.

Our viewing of Stellar Sea Lions around our boat was a treat, they came close and checked us out and the Harbour Seals hauled out were an added bonus to watch as we passed through some quiet island waterways on our way home; we also saw a Bald Eagle feeding on a fish head and about to fly away with it and a brief surfacing of a Minke Whale!

Photo credits: Muriel Halle. All photo’s have been cropped and taken with a telephoto lens.


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