Phenomenal viewing:  Harbour seals, a Humpback whale and Bald Eagles!

It was another amazing day of viewing, especially in the less travelled and narrow waterways that our boat was able to pass through. Of special interest today were Harbour seals and their pups. Guests had a rare sighting of a very young pup that was observed with its pink umbilical cord still attached. It was resting at the waterline on a small beach with its mother close-by. Another mother was also seen lying beside her small pup as well. We motored slowly, keeping well away from the seals and it was a delight for our guests to view the seals in such a relaxed manner (especially those with their newborns), hauled out and resting with some swimming in amongst the kelp forests. We all enjoyed a fabulous encounter with a Humpback whale (Argonaut) and surprise viewing of two Black-tailed deer. Rhinoceros Auklets and Belted Kingfishers+ were also seen. The Bald eagles today were superb. We stopped and watched an eagle eating its catch and observed all of the other birds watching as well. It was quite a sight to see. The wind, current, waves and sunshine made all of it possible and magic today!

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