Alert Bay

Step back in time and explore an island paradise. It is here where the pace of life is slower and more simple and where a world of beauty: ocean, birds and marine mammals can be viewed at a glance at any time of the day. Cormorant Islanders offer visitors a refreshing welcome; one of warmth and friendliness.

Totem Pole Eagle

Thunderbird Totem Pole

During your stay, experience the rich heritage of the First Nations culture; it is powerfully preserved in Alert Bay.

The paintings and totem poles that grace the community are awe-inspiring. Visit the U’mista Cultural Centre and learn about Kwakwaka’wakw history.

While on the island, the Ecological Park trail is just one of many trails that you can hike and explore, spending the entire day walking the various trails that cross the island.

For those who enjoy beach-combing, a walk around the entire island when the tide is low can be achieved in less than four hours.

It is advisable to bring your vehicle to the island but it is not essential; if you enjoy walking, the island is small and the core village area is easily accessible for walking to the nearby shops and restaurants. Your ferry ticket is purchased in Port McNeill at the ferry terminal and includes your return fare.

The island’s invigorating sea air and safe drinking water instills a feeling of well-being and richness. Here in Alert Bay you are far from the “maddening crowds” and you soon begin to unwind and relax, mesmerized by the ocean that is ever present and encircles the island. Relax and stay awhile and enjoy a simpler, slower and more peaceful pace of life.

We hope to see you soon!


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Seine Boat Inn
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