Wildlife Left, Right and Center!

This morning the fog hung in strands weaving through the islands, but mostly it was high above our heads, and as a result, our visibility was excellent. The day started off with a sighting of two Bigg’s (transient) orca as they quickly made their way along the front of the Village of Alert Bay and on towards Haddington Island.

We also saw several Humpbacks in Blackney Passage and Blackfish Sound, along with Dall’s porpoises, and birds, such as the rhinoceros auklet, who liked to pop up out of nowhere from the depths of the ocean. These birds can dive to great depths and are a relative of the puffin.

On both tours we saw a big spread of northern resident orca. Pacifc white-sided dolphins frolicked around them, playfully teasing the orca, who seemed to ignore their smaller cousins. (Orca, commonly known as killer whales, are not whales at all, but the largest member of the dolphin family.)

Passengers aboard both tours on the MV Seasmoke were thrilled with their sightings of our coastal wildlife, and left the boat with big smiles and lots of chatter. We here at Seasmoke Whale Watching are so thankful to be able to bring people face to face with nature here in our special Pacific Northwest paradise.

Hayley ShephardComment