Oceans 98
For the Sake of the Salmon
Raincoast Research
Rivershed Society of British Columbia

Wildlife Rehabilitation Centres in BC:
Island Wildlife Natural Care Centre
Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society

Amnesty International Canada
Canadian Red Cross
Canadian Salvation Army
Doctors without Borders

For peace
International Physicans for Prevention of War
Physicans for Social Resposibility
The Nuclear Age Foundation and
Solar views
International Peace Petition
The Hundredth Monkey

Birding and Butterflies:
Birding in British Columbia
Bird Studies Canada
Fatal Light Awareness Program
Learner Organization Migration 2001 
Monarch Butterfly Watch
Birding Map List
Daniel Bataja’s Birds FAQS
Birdwatching in BC

Along Poetry Road
Best Inspiration
Inspiration Peak

Local Links

McMillan Fishing Charters: (250) 230-1842

Air and energy issues of The Pembina Institute
Alternate Non Toxic Nature Clean Products
Animal Alliance of Canada
Animal Rights Canada
Anti-whaling Petition
Arctic Refuge
Broughton Archipelago Stewardship Alliance
Canadian Nature Federation
Cetacean Society International
Defenders of Wildlife
Ducks Unlimited Canada
Eartheasy – Simplify Your Life
EarthSave Canada
Friends of the Earth
Good News India
Greenpeace Organization
Living Oceans
Move On Organization
Oil Free Coast
Pitch-In Canada
Save America’s Forests Organization
Save The Great Bear Rainforest
Sea Shepherd
Sierra Club British Columbia
The David Suzuki Foundation
The EarthAction Network
The Government of Tibet in Exile
The Leprosy Organization
The Sustainable Energy and Economy Network
The Nature Conservancy Organization
The Nepal Trust
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Their climate solutions
United Nations Environment Program
US Climate Action Network
Wilderness Committee
World Society Protection of Animals/Canada
World Society Protection of Animals/International
World Wildlife Fund Canada
Worldwatch Institute
Anti Whaling petition
Just For Kids
The Water Page
Photography & Art:
Just Art Gallery
Rolf Hicker Travel Photography