Visually breathtaking video ~ Herring spawn 2015 ~ Denman Island, BC by Carol Hunter

This is an amazing video to watch and share! About the first local herring spawn of 2015 – Denman Island, BC. All video and pictures were taken handheld with a Panasonic GX7 camera and either a Panasonic 100 – 300mm lens or a Panasonic 45 – 200mm lens.

Carol Hunter’s herring video
This is the same artist who made the video of coho entering Beadnell Cr a couple of falls ago.)

The photography and music together orchestrate the beauty and wonder of nature on the BC coast.

Enjoy and please pass on…..the magic as captured through the eyes and camera lens of Carol Hunter and music by Dexter Britain.

Bird watching

It seems as though summer has arrived already on the North Island with temperatures this last weekend as warm or warmer than they ever get to in the summertime and one cannot help but be amazed at the large numbers of Bald Eagles seen all over the island and viewed in close proximity. Yesterday 28++ could be seen feeding out in the Bay, diving low over a herring ball. This morning I observed a juvenile eagle targeting a Common Loon as it was feeding close to the Government Dock, fortunately for the loon, it skillfully dove beneath the waters surface time and again and the juvenile giving up, flew back to rest on the nearby piling. Birds of all species are busy, some are nest building while others are already sitting on their clutch of eggs. While gardening yesterday, it was heartwarming to see once again the Tree Swallows who have returned to our yard claiming their nesting box and the sound of Rufous Hummingbirds flitting back and forth among the salmon berry bushes and at the feeder was music to my ears. Great Blue Herons and Belted Kingfishers feeding out front when the tide is low is always a welcomed sight and seeing them this morning with the sun shining bright was wonderful. A Minke Whale was also reported yesterday feeding on the north side of Cormorant Island.