Sailing with the whales

A question that is frequently asked by our guests. Why the name Seasmoke?

Our company name Seasmoke is derived from our earliest beginnings when we operated our wilderness based camping and sailing tours from aboard our sailing vessel Tuan.

Beginning with the image of smoke rising from our beach camp fires, it also incorporates the Seasmoke boat design of S.V. Tuan. The fog lifting from over the water is often referred to as seasmoke and the glorious plumes of seasmoke that rise upwards when an Orca or Humpback whale exhales, is often described as seasmoke.

Even today, Seasmoke is the best way to fully describe our company and what motivates our passions. It represents our connection to the sea and to the marine habitat that we are so privileged to work in and live beside each day.

An Eco-tour that speaks volumes

Orca seen from Tuan

We recognize and acknowledge that the environment is humanity's most urgent need to attend to and care for. We have known and  practiced this for nearly three decades and in our own small way, we have endeavoured to make a difference.

On our sailing tours we burn minimal fossil fuels, we use organics as much as we can in the food and beverages we serve on board and use only non disposable kitchenware in our galley. Our cleaning agents are biodegradable wherever possible and we recycle plastics, paper, cans, and glassware.

We are small and consistent and personable. As a small family owned and operated business, we have maintained a high standard of quality and personable service for the past 26 years. Because our vessel is uncrowded you soon feel comfortable and at ease with your fellow passengers, personable skipper and crew member and while arriving as strangers you will depart as friends.

Passengers are delighted to return after an absence of many years, bringing with them their grandchildren, friends, and other family members. They are always relieved to find that our eco-friendly tours have barely changed over the years and that we continue to offer the same high standard of service they had remembered from years ago.

For some, sailing quietly with the whales is the ultimate whale watching experience.

Aboard the S.V. Tuan the wind, ocean and whales blend together as one. On those special days when the wind in the sail propels the vessel soundlessly along and the orcas and humpback whales exhale nearby, the sound of their rhythmic blows punctuate the air with an astounding force. It is here at this place and in this moment, that some of you will connect with a sacred reverence for nature.

Quality Service

whale watching tour.jpg

We pay attention to the details!

Thermo insulated suits are provided for added comfort for those not dressed for the cooler temperatures often encountered on the water. We have warm hats, gloves, and even binoculars for those who may need to borrow them.

The Devonshire teas (hot scones, jam and whipped cream) served aboard SV Tuan are generous in portion and we have frequently been told, "they are the best" as are the fruity fresh baked organic muffins that are also served.

For children: cards, books, crayons and paper for drawing are provided downstairs in the cabin of the S.V. Tuan where there are also bunks for small children to take a nap on.

Informative and Educational

Sailing aboard S.V. Tuan

Given the fact that we have 4-5 hours to show you what you have travelled vast distances to see, our focus is on marine-life and the ocean. For some of you, this will be your first experience to travel on a sailboat and for others, it will be your first time ever to see and be upon the ocean.

Seeing is what matters most, observing the magical sights and sounds of the ocean and becoming at ease with your surroundings.

That is what our tours are all about.

We are not here to lecture you but we hope to instill in each of you a greater sense of awareness so that when you disembark from one of our tours, the remarkable images that you have witnessed from being "right there" exposed to and enlivened by, you will remember for a long while afterwards.

It is this learning; a lasting and deep set impression that we want you to leave with. An instinctive knowledge shown to you and your children that all species living wild and free in Johnstone Strait and all other world oceans, rivers and continents, must be protected and cared for.

Your own exposure to this beautiful place on earth is a gift to yourself and your children, you are the ones educating yourselves in a rich and wonderful way.

We will share with you all that we know and together we will listen to the mystical sounds of vocalizing orcas and dolphins via our hydrophones. Each tour will take on its own learning as the situation presents itself.

We know that our time with you is short and invaluable. We will do our utmost to inform and educate you but we will also leave you alone to inhale of the pungent ocean air, to observe and be silent, allowing time for the wondrous sights and sounds to seep deep within you.

In this very special place on planet earth, spending time with the whales on one of our tours, you give to yourself and your loved ones an inspiring and precious gift.