Killer and Humpback Whales

SV Tuan had the morning tour and into the strait she went. Once with the Orcas all was grand. The A30 pod and the I15 pod both came right past us as we sat quietly listening to their blows, vocals, and clicks. Off in the distance we could see more Orcas and even a Humpback whale. As we continued down the strait with the Orcas we came across a large group of Dall's porpoises, a single Pacific White-sided dolphin and even a large Yellow-eye rockfish floating in the riptide. This afternoon MV Cetacea saw many of the same animals, but also Stellar Sea lions, and an additional Humpback whale. The sun shone all day again and the sea was rippled.

Pectoral Fin Slap
Pec slap