Tons of Orcas & Humpbacks

SV Tuan came across a large group of Orcas just after leaving the dock this morning. The strait was calm, and clear and the vocals of these 80 or so animals were amazing. They all meandered their way through some reefs and then headed for the open water of Queen Charlotte Strait where we found 5 Humpback whales in addition to all these Orcas. The air was filled with numerous blows at any given second making for quite the sound. This afternoon MV Cetacea saw the same huge group of Orcas and Humpbacks all still in the same area amongst each other as well as over 20 Pacific White-sided Dolphins and a group of Stellar Sea lions. The mist came and went all day making for some of the most intriguing scenery.

A32 & A46