July 24th

Pacific white-sided Dolphin hitting a Salmon in mid air!

Clear sky and beautiful sunshine greeted us this morning as we made our way down Johnstone Strait. It wasn't long before we were joined by a huge pod of 70 - 100 Pacific White-sided dolphins, all darting and diving around the boat foraging for fish and delighting children and adults alike. The pod contained a number of newborn calves as well as a solitary Dall's porpoises who's striking black and white physique stood out as it raced amongst the dolphins. The highlight of the afternoon came as quite a surprise, we were watching a mother humpback and calf feeding and frolicking in Blackfish Sound, the pair had been diving for a couple of minutes when all of a sudden mother and calf made a spectacular breach 200 meters from the boat! Nobody was expecting a sight quite like it, though the calf did a solo encore for the benefit of those with cameras.