August 10th


The morning voyage started off in johnstone Strait watching Houdini, a well known female humpback whale and her 7 month old calf Poke (named for the "poke" shaped indent on it's back) foraging through the Bull-kelp beds close to shore. After leaving mother and calf the SV Tuan made its way through the island into Blackfish Sound were we encountered a huge ensemble of resident orcas. There were over 40 individuals from 7 different matrilines (families groups) all foraging for the newly arrived salmon. During the max flood the SV Tuan and the MV Cetacea watched as numerous groups of orca took advantage of the strong currents and funneled themselves through the island channels to emerge out the other-side in Johnstone Strait. Both the SV Tuan and the MV Cetacea followed the resident orcas as they made there way towards Robson Bight (Ecological Reserve) listening to stunning vocals along the way as well as viewing other spectacular wildlife such as bald eagle fledglings preparing to leave the nest and Steller sea lions foraging fish through the strong currents.