August 21st


Today was fantastic out on the water. We spent both the morning and the afternoon tours with the A30's, a family of 9 northern resident orcas, as they foraged along Johnstone Strait and up into Blackfish Sound. When conditions were right we hoisted the main sail and cruised silently beside the orcas, dropping the hydrophone to listen to their calls which were amazing (possibly the best I've heard yet this summer). At one point the SV Tuan and MV Cetacea were surrounded by foraging orcas trying to avoid the constant harassment of Pacific white-sided dolphins mobbing them for food scraps!
Other wildlife sightings today included a large group of Steller sea lions hauled out on sunny rocks, a Dall's porpoise and young calf as well as a small group of black oyster catchers, Harbour seals, a Cassin's auklet, and the usual array of gulls, sandpipers, alcids, Bald Eagles, a Kingfisher or 2, and the odd Great Blue Heron. Unfortunately many of these species have been seen coming into contact with the diesel spill from yesterday! We will be continuing efforts to making sure that this eco-system and it's inhabitants are looked after during this rough time.