August 24th


A super sunny day out on the water that began with an early morning rendevouz with several Orcas and a Humpback Whale in the vicinity of Blackfish Sound. Numerous orca fins could be seen in the distance in the early morning light; many were resting on the surface while a few youngsters interacted playfully with one another. A Humpback blow appearing out of nowhere was seen as a striking contrast in size to that of the orca blows; the sound distinct and clearly audible above the sounds of orca blows. The A24's and some R pods were heading east in Blackfish Sound ahead of us and numerous others could be sighted at the entrance to Blackney Passage, we seemed to be in two minds of which direction to head for! We chose to linger and take a closer look at the Humpback Whale as it foraged alongside of the A36 brothers, they too were steadily foraging and it was wonderful to see the two species passing. The ocean sparkled, seabirds and marine mammals were feasting, sea lions were hauled out relaxing and amidst it all, the mesmerising A-Clan calls of the A30's and A36's could be heard via the hydrophone. To sum it all up, as one passenger quietly remarked, "it is all so beautiful".