September 3rd


Today was a wonderful day for viewing marine mammals. Shortly after leaving the dock this morning and well ahead of morning tea being served, orca fins were sighted in the distance. As we approached the area we could see that numerous orcas were spread out in the vicinity of Weynton Passage, foraging in their family groups. The stay sail was hoisted and everyone enjoyed the relaxing experience of sailing, while listening to the A & G clan calls of the I15's and A12's via the trailing hydrophone. A humpback whale was also seen feeding along the way amongst the foraging orcas and some 80 + Stellar Sea Lions were observed hauled out while some were swimming nearby. A second humpback whale was sighted in the distance breaching. It was a gentle day after yesterday's storm. The orcas were relaxed and at peace in the calmness of their water world, calling to each was a beautiful day that was profoundly moving.