September 7th


We had barley set forth on our adventure down Johnstone Strait when we encountered a pair of Humpback whales foraging. These were the first of eight humpbacks that we were to see during the day, all foraging for krill and the copious amounts of herring in these waters. As we traveled towards Robson Bight we met up with the A30's (one of the families of resident orcas most commonly encountered in this area) and spent the morning with them as the majority of the group rested while individual members foraged for salmon in the nearby vicinity. The A30's were roused from their slumber as they were bombarded by a group of Dall's porpoises and Pacific white-sided dolphins. The afternoon was spent observing the orcas as they foraged alongside the boat, listened to their stunning vocals via the hydrophone, an encounter made all the more enjoyable for we were the only boat with them and we were sailing. We also spotted 3 Parasitic Jaegers today including an even less common dark morph individual.