September 13th


Today was another beautiful day out on the water where the viewing of Humpback Whales could not have been better. The afternoon began warm and sunny as both vessels headed out on tour, the water was glassy calm. Harbour Porpoises were sighted soon after our departure, followed by the sights and sounds of several hauled out Stellar Sea Lions and Harbour Seals. It was after this that the first Humpback Whale was sighted, a majestic sight for sure, with its dark back arching high before it dived, displaying its distinctive fluke. Everywhere one looked, Humpback Whale blows and large dark shapes that kept disappearing from sight could be seen in the distance, it was a brilliant sight. Among the whales counted were Houdini and her calf who were later joined by a third Humpback Whale; Stripe and another adult traveled together in the opposite direction to the west, as well, a lone one was sighted further off in the distance. If that was not enough, two juvenile Humpbacks were also observed by those onboard MV Cetacea who had located them further down in Blackfish Sound, bringing the total count to 8! What was truly amazing was the frenzied pace at which a number of Sea Lions were traveling in close proximity to the Humpback Whales, they were clearly fishing as passengers on board MV Cetacea could see one Sea Lion tearing into the flesh of a salmon it had caught. Houdini and her calf were relaxed and playful, some pectoral waving and slapping was observed, some spyhopping and then some remarkable breaching activity that kept everyone on high alert, waiting in anticipation for a perfect photo of a breach. Traveling back via the island waterways was magical, one could not help but feel well contented and grateful for all that they had seen which included for the first time this year many Pacific Loons.