September 20th


What a fantastic day it was out on the water! We headed out via Weynton Passage and through the Plumper Islands into the top end of Blackfish Sound where two large Humpback Whale blows could be seen off in the distance out in the middle of the Queen Charlotte Strait and another could be seen in Blackfish Sound. A pod of 9 Orcas, the A30's were also making their way towards the west in Blackfish Sound. It was incredible to be within such a short viewing range of so many Humpbacks and Orcas! Seeing the orcas foraging nearby and listening to their A-Clan vocals was a wonderful treat and glancing up every so often and catching sight of a Humpback fluke in the distance and a breach was unbelievable. The two whales who were traveling together were Houdini and her 2007 calf and one could not help but be mesmerised watching as they surfaced and dived. Wind conditions were perfect for hoisting the main sail and we all enjoyed a quiet time of sailing nearby the Humpbacks. On the way home numerous hauled Stellar Sea Lions were seen and among them some Harbour Seals. The day and sightings could not have been more perfect!