September 24th

It was a blustery afternoon when we set out on tour and it was not long before our stay-sail was hoisted, keeping the boat stable even while we were under power. As it turned out the seas were moderate and the wind began dropping off even before we had sighted our first cetacean, a Humpback Whale in the distance that was breaching. The A30 pod ( a family of 9 orcas) were nearby and they were foraging back and forth steadily. We had some wonderful viewing, especially when they turned and headed back in our direction while we were under sail, the sighting of A38 and A30 as they passed nearby was breathtaking! Two Humpback Whales, Houdini and her 2007 calf were also nearby, they were foraging in wide circles as well, some breaching and pectoral waving was also observed. At the end of our viewing they surprised us by coming close, lunge feeding, it was fantastic! Hearing their blows, seeing their blowholes clearly visible and also smelling the oily pungent smell (downwind) was great, a Stellar Sea Lion was also swimming with them that added greatly to the experience. Other sightings: Harbour Seals, Stellar Sea Lions, Common Murres, Rhinoceros Auklets, numerous Fork-tailed Storm-Petrels.