It was a very blustery day out on the water, sunny and beautiful. This morning while on tour there were no reports of any orca activity from any boats on the water. Sea conditions were very choppy and made scanning for blows and fins difficult. The day was glorious even so and the wind was perfect for sailing. After leaving the dock at Alder Bay this morning, we sailed across Weynton Passage and on down Johnston Strait dropping the sail to enjoy the scenic waterway at the bottom end of Hanson Island and cruised on up into Blackfish Sound. Dall’s Porpoises bow-riding delighted all onboard. As the tide turned to flood in Weynton Passage there was active herring ball and gull feeding activity in the choppy waters but there was no sign of any Minke or Humpback Whales at the time we toured back, heading for home. The scenic water ways, bathed in sunshine were beautiful to see and enjoyed by all.