It was an extremely interesting day to be out touring. The sea was calm and the lighting perfect for viewing off into the distance. Hauled out Harbour Seals were seen early in the tour followed by the sighting of the Humpback Whale who is commonly called "Twister". Fluking is infrequent with this whale but today we were fortunate because at one time, when taking a deep dive, the fluke was fully exposed and it was exciting when a full breach was observed as passengers and crew looked on! Following this, a pleasure craft reported seeing orcas in Arrow Passage heading south and it was near the White Cliff Islands that we spotted them; several blows and dorsal fins were seen as they headed towards Knight Inlet. As we drew near, the orcas were quickly identified as being Transient Orcas (marine mammal feeders) by Jared, S.V. Tuan’s Skipper. They were: T014, T020, T021, T124,T124D, T124E, T090, T090B. The viewing was excellent, and while the orcas headed on up the Inlet, there was time enough for photography, for enjoying their visual beauty and for listening to their powerful blows. On the way home, a Minke Whale was sighted briefly. Also today, out of interest, an Ancient Murrelet was also seen.