It turned out to be a very interesting tour. Soon after leaving the dock in Alder Bay this afternoon passengers were fortunate to see the blows of a Humpback Whale in the distance and as they watched, it was evident that the whale was heading to the west, passing nearby. When it fluked, it was identified as being BCY0057, the 8 year old calf of Houdini, born in 2000. It was good to see this whale again in Johnstone Strait, the identifying white patch on its fluke was clearly visible. When we met up with the orcas, they were well spread out across Johnstone Strait, heading to the west. They were traveling at a steady pace, taking long dives. The I31’s were on the VI shore, the A36’s were favoring the Cracroft shore, as were the I15’s with I43 being well in the lead. With the main sail up and the hydrophone trailing, it was a special experience to sail quietly with them, listening to the G-Clan calls. Some foraging behaviour was observed at times. Pacific White-sided Dolphins were playful, interacting with the orcas
and Dall’s Porpoises were also seen. Other species observed: Surf Scoters, Rhinoceros Auklets, Marbled Murrelets, California Gulls, a Merlin.