It was again a very interesting day for observing Cetaceans. The S.V. Tuan headed out this morning on an 8 hour tour and had a busy day of viewings. When the boat met up with the orcas, passengers could see them well spread out across the Queen Charlotte Strait, headed in a NW direction, some moving towards Malcolm Point, others north, towards the Mainland. The pods included the A24’s, A8’s, A23’s, A30’s and the A11’s. Other pods could also have been present but because of the range between the traveling pods it was difficult to tell. It was quite remarkable to see them so spread out and so far across the Strait; they were foraging steadily as they went. Passengers enjoyed listening to their wonderful A & G-Clan vocals via the hydrophone. Because it was very still and quiet on the water, the vocals were incredible! The orcas continued to travel further to the NW and northern Mainland parts of the Queen Charlotte Strait. Also sighted were bow-riding Pacific White-sided Dolphins, two Wandering Tattlers and one Heermann’s Gull. On the afternoon Motor Cruise passengers enjoyed the viewings of “Twister” the Humpback Whale, A Minke Whale, Dall’s Porpoises and their calves, Harbor Seals, four Black-tailed Deer including a mother and her fawn, Bald Eagles and their nests, Pigeon Guillemots, Black Turnstones, Black Oyster Catchers, Red-necked Phalaropes, Rhinoceros Auklets and numerous California Gulls.