Today was a truly amazing day to be on the water. Overcast conditions and rain was forecast but as we headed out on our tours this morning, the day cleared and our viewing began in earnest. A humpback whale was sighted en route to viewing orcas off Malcolm Point early in the day by passengers aboard the MV Cetacea, This humpback whale was new to the area, having not been seen before. The A36’s were sighted at the top end of Malcolm Island, they were foraging and then turned east with other incoming pods who were also sighted close-by, the A30’s and the A12’s. All pods were moving steadily eastbound and were also seen by passengers aboard the SV Tuan. Spy-hopping, tail slapping and breaching was observed. On the afternoon tour, passengers aboard the SV Tuan were delighted to view the same incoming pods as they headed east from Lizard Point, foraging and resting behavior was observed, some resting calls were heard via the hydrophone. Other sightings today were: Harbor Seals, Rhinoceros Auklets +++ Pigeon Guillemots, a Common Murre, Bald Eagles and California Gulls.