With reports of orcas heading east in Johnstone Strait towards the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve we headed in that direction briefly, sighting a Black Bear that was foraging on the beach at low tide. When orcas were reported in Blackfish Sound we veered north, passing through the Blowhole into Blackfish Sound where we encountered the A30’s who were traveling west, foraging along the Swanson Island shore. It was wonderful viewing them as they foraged back and forth steadily, heading west off Bold Head and towards Donegal Head; they were well spread out. A Humpback Whale was sighted along the Swanson shore, moving in our direction and passengers enjoyed some wonderful viewing moments during numerous dive sequences. It was moving steadily west and was soon lost from sight in the ebb current. The A30’s who were quiet earlier began to vocalize and passengers enjoyed listening to their A-Clan calls. It was exciting when A54 and her two calves who had been foraging 200 meters distance away, suddenly turned towards the boat as it sat idle and drifting and swam alongside of and under the boat, much to the delight and wonder of all on board. We cruised home via numerous islands partaking in the beauty and majesty of it all. Other sightings today: stellar sea lions hauled out and swimming++++, harbour seals hauled out++, rhinoceros auklets, bald eagles and an eaglet in a nest, red-necked phalaropes, common murres, two great blue herons, 4 fork-tailed storm petrels, a peregrine falcon, glaucous-winged and california gulls.