Today was another beautiful day in which to celebrate our favourite month, a time of year that brings a feeling of change in the air, as well, numerous bird species into the area. We encountered the A30’s and the A36 boys at Blinkhorn on our tour early this morning. They were well spread out foraging, working their way to the west with the ebb current, the A36’s going the furtherest west. At one point the A30’s stopped to rest, as did A37 and A46. A-Clan vocals were heard via the hydrophone, resting calls and then calls where we observed A30 (the matriarch) to begin moving further west and soon the A30 pod had formed a resting line, moving slowly west in the ebb current. Traveling through Weynton Passage, numerous stellar sea lions were sighted hauled out, many more were in the water interacting together playfully and several were in the Queen Charlotte Strait swimming and fishing. Humpback whale blows could be seen in the distance in all directions, there were nine in total in the vicinity of Donegal Head, Queen Charlotte Strait and Blackfish Sound. Passengers enjoyed viewing Chunky and her calf, watching their dive sequence was mesmerizing and wonderful to watch. Other sightings today were: hauled out harbour seals, pacific white-sided dolphins, two harbour porpoise, common murres,, red-necked phalaropes, rhinoceros auklets, canada geese, surf scoters, bald eagles, sooty shearwaters, california gulls, glaucous-winged and bonaparte’s gulls.