Shortly after leaving the dock in Alder Bay this morning, small groups of Pacific white-sided dolphins were sighted. The first group of 12 or so rode at the bow of the boat briefly, it was a joy to see them swimming just under the water at the bow of the boat, prior to their heading back to feed. While a heavy fog was present for most of the tour, resident orcas, the A30 matriline (9 orcas in total) were sighted. It is always exciting finding orcas in the fog when they have been reported in the area. Blows were heard and then finally black fins appeared looming through the water. It was a great viewing with all of the 9 individual orcas being seen even though they were well spread out and heading west from Blackfish Sound to Donegal Head. Their A-Clan calls were also heard. Stellar sea lions were observed hauled out, as well many were sighted swimming and one individual was seen feeding on a fish. Other sightings today were: sooty shearwaters +, common murres, rhinoceros auklets, bald eagles, cassin’s auklets, black turnstones, california gulls, glaucous-winged and bonaparte’s gulls.