This morning when we headed out a light fog filled the entire Bay but within moments it began to evaporate leaving just the outer edges of Johnstone Strait obscured and shortly after, Cracroft Point emerged out of the fog as did the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve which only minutes earlier we could not see. It was at the Pig Ranch that the orcas were sighted, the same pods as yesterday and they were travelling slowly towards the west when they turned suddenly and began moving towards the Vancouver Island shore and the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve. Within minutes, most of the orcas were inside the boundary, some were foraging, others were making their way directly to the rubbing beaches. On our afternoon tour we found the leading pod of orcas, the A24’s west of Kaikash Beach, they were travelling fast along the Vancouver Island shoreline but turning back often to forage. Meanwhile, the other pods, the A30’s and the A5’s (A8’s, A25’s and A23’s) had crossed over to the Hanson Island shore and had made it as far west as Big Bay before turning back; they were observed to be foraging and resting. When they turned back they were in resting lines and began heading across the Strait towards the VI shore. It was beautiful viewing and mesmerizing to watch. At this point we turned back and it was up near Bauza Islets that we again sighted the A24’s, they had been foraging in Beaver Cove and had made their turn back to the east some 40 + minutes after the other pods had turned.