Heading out this afternoon the orcas who were west in Johnstone Strait earlier in the day had turned back and were heading east which is very typical of the pattern that they had been displaying in their movement in the Strait all week long. The pods included the incoming A34’s (A12’s daughter and her family, as well A12 was travelling with them), A30’s, A23’s, A25’s, A8’s and the A24’s. Meanwhile, the A36’s (brothers three) who had been in Blackfish Sound earlier in the morning had disappeared to the west with no sighting of them reported after this. With this in mind we headed to the east as well, hoping that the orcas would turn back as we travelled. They had been moving at a steady pace but then they stalled and as we neared the Ecological Reserve we saw them as they made their way, cutting across the Strait to the rubbing beaches. Keeping outside of the Reserve boundary passengers could only watch from the distance, A39 was foraging intensely, already making his way back to the west and was seen foraging inside the estuary of the Reserve. Other species also seen today were: Dall’s Porpoises, a Harbor Seal, Bald Eagles fishing, Rhinoceros Aucklets, Common Murres, Red-necked Phalaropes, Pigeon Guillemots, Mew, Glaucous-winged, Herring and California Gulls and two small flocks of unidentified duck species flying high heading south!