It was a beautiful morning that we headed out into Johnstone Strait and numerous sea birds were already busy working herring balls in Weynton Passage in the flood current. As we entered Blackney Passage a Humpback Whale was sighted feeding nearby and orcas could be seen in the distance further up in Blackfish Sound, as were two other Humpback Whales and a Stellar Sea Lion who was swimming nearby; it was quite an eventful marine encounter! As the orcas drew near they were identified as the A25’s, A24’s, and the A8’s, they were moving steadily with the flood tide and some breaching and tail slapping behaviour was observed. The A30’s with the A25’s followed next and they too gained speed as they neared Blackney Passage, prior to this they had been in a travelling/resting line. Another Humpback Whale was sighted in the distance and 8 Stellar Sea Lions hauled out were also seen. On the afternoon tour the orcas were encountered nearing the Wastell Islets, the A24’s were in the lead, the other pods were spread across Johnstone Strait, the A23’s, A8’s, A25’s and the A30’s were all seen. Cruising through the Plumper Island waterways the surrounding scenic beauty was immense and breathtaking with sunlight sparkling on the kelp forests. Some 20+ Stellar Sea Lions were countered hauled out and swimming. Observing numerous Harbour Seals hauled out on rocks among kelps forests was the finale to a most wonderful day of viewing. Other species also seen today were: Dall’s Porpoises, Bald Eagles, Rhinoceros Aucklets, Common Murres, Red-necked Phalaropes, Harlequin Ducks, Black Turnstones, Black Oystercatchers, Belted Kingfishers, Mew, Glaucous-winged, Herring and California Gulls.