It was a day of total relaxation out on the water and a wonderful way to spend the Labour Day holiday. There were no reported orca sightings when we set out this morning but we were not deterred, the area is one of ever present scenic beauty that is always changing. Observing hauled out Harbour Seals, passengers could see that the mothers and their pups were well camouflaged and blended in with the rocks and kelp on which they rested. Several Dalls Porpoises were sighted ‘rooster tailing’ in Weynton Passage and the Stellar Sea Lions were wonderful to watch, some 90 + hauled out while others were seen swimming nearby. Just as we were about to head into the Queen Charlotte Strait the fluke of a large Humpback Whale was sighted slipping beneath the water. In great anticipation and excitement, we all waited for it to surface again. As it turned out there were two very large Humpback Whales together and when they surfaced again, it was observed that they had turned back towards Weynton Passage and could be seen lying on the surface of the water resting. It was fabulous to see them so relaxed and the lighting was spectacular making the viewing all the more exquisite. Leaving the whales we cruised slowly through numerous scenic waterways; travelling in these quiet and less travelled waters it is always a treat. It is here where the kelp forests flourish and today was no exception, their visual beauty was breathtaking as they lay spread out, golden and gleaming in the slack current. Belted Kingfishers could be seen and heard darting back and forth, trilling as they flew and Harlequin Ducks could also be seen. It was indeed a very special day of viewing.