The orcas who were sighted yesterday (A12, A37, and A46) were reported in Blackfish Sound very early this morning however when we headed out on our morning tour there was no further update or sighting of them and it was a mystery as to whether they had travelled further to the west in the Queen Charlotte Strait or back into Johnstone Strait and east. Early in our tour we stopped to watch Bald Eagles fishing a herring ball, it made for some wonderful photographic opportunities as the eagles were seen swooping in low over the water and with their talons hook onto herring and immediately take off in full flight, stooping in mid-air as they flew eating the herring clasped in their talons. It was in Blackfish Sound that the humpback whale Stripe (BCZ0004) was sighted and it was exciting to observe as it tail breached twice. A tail breach is when a whale raises the majority of its body out of the water straight back and up into the air and then twisting its body as it returns to the sea. In Cormorant Channel passengers enjoyed the viewing of some several hundred Pacific white-sided dolphins who were also intent feeding on herring++. It was marvellous to watch as they interacted with each other, some leaping out of the water; all of them feeding intensely. Last but not least was the wonderful sighting of a small Gray Whale feeding. The Gray whale is unique among whales in being a bottom-feeder, it was observed feeding close into the shore. Other species also seen today: Harbour Seals, a Stellar Sea Lion, Pigeon Guillemots, Rhinoceros Auklets, Common Murres and Bald Eagles.