It was a blustery day out on tour with heavy wind and wave action. The orcas A12 with the A36’s (brothers A37 & A46) who were sighted early this morning at 8:30 a.m. off Beaver Cove were nowhere to be seen when we headed out this morning. Working together with other whale watching vessels, each of us searching in different directions, the orcas had seemingly disappeared and possibly went out through Weynton Passage taking advantage of the heavy ebb current running at that time; they would have moved quickly to the west on the north side of Malcolm Island where wind and wave action was extremely heavy, they could also have turned back east, swimming against the ebb current, their fins not sighted amongst the whitecaps and glaring sun conditions at the time. It was a beautiful and sunny day on the water and our sightings included Stellar Sea Lions with one catching and eating a large salmon as we looked on, Rhinoceros Auklets were busy flying and landing amongst the waves while Bald Eagles, California and Herring Gulls soared high in the sky. It was a beautiful day indeed!