As we headed out this morning a boat reported seeing orcas heading rapidly to the west in the Queen Charlotte Strait, among them were reported some males with tall dorsal fins. As we glassed Blackfish Sound a large blow of a humpback whale was sighted in the distance but because the orcas were making good time in the heavy ebb current we continued on our way around Donegal Head and out into the Queen Charlotte Strait. Some orcas were sighted near to the Foster Islands while others were nearing Lizard Point. As we drew closer to the orcas we could see that they were well spread out in small groups, the A36 brothers, A37 & A46 were foraging closer to the Foster Islands while steadily moving west and the A34’s and A12 were spread across to Lizard Point moving west as well. At the time of our viewing the orcas were mobbed by a 100+ Pacific White-sided Dolphins, a few were observed interacting with some of the orca calves, where they were seen porpoising along together however most of the orcas were taking long dives in their attempt to stay clear of the dolphins. On our way home a Gray Whale was sighted, it was feeding very close to shore and was a wonderful way to end the day. Other species also seen: Harbour Seals, Dall’s Porpoises, Rhinoceros Auklets, Common Murres, Pigeon Guillemots, Red-necked Phalaropes and Bald Eagles in flight and fishing herring balls.