This mornings tour was a surprise one as new orcas that have not been sighted in Johnstone Strait this summer arrived this morning via Weynton Passage in a heavy flood current that carried them towards Kaikash Beach fairly quickly, where they had crossed the Strait from the Hanson Island Shore. The C6’s are an interesting family that we do not often see and it is always a treat when they arrive, there being a mixture of adult females and males to view. It was good to see that C22’s fin has grown taller from last year now that he is 13 years of age which is typical as males reach adolesence at around this age. The orcas who had been resting just prior to our arrival continued to travel east and did not stop in at the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve for a rub. Other species also seen today: Harbour Seals, Dall’s Porpoises, Rhinoceros Auklets++, Common Murres, Black Oyster Catchers, Belted Kingfishers and Bald Eagles.