It was a blustery day again on the water, strikingly beautiful with the sun shining, bull kelp glistening and sea sparkling. Heading out this morning passengers enjoyed viewing numerous Harbour Seals and Stellar Sea Lions who were hauled out and lying on rocky ledges while the tide was low. Traveling in the Queen Charlotte Strait we could not see any large blows but a few splashes in the distance caught our interest and as we drew closer we could see the distinctive fins of Pacific White-sided Dolphins. As it turned out, everywhere we looked we could see them swimming very close to the surface with only their dorsal fins visible. It was difficult to make an accurate count of their number due to the wave conditions present but we estimated there being several hundred ++ dolphins in the area who were feeding intently. Passengers enjoyed seeing them close and swimming alongside as the boat sat idle and drifting and also watching as they leaped clear of the water near and in the distance as we cruised towards Blackfish Sound, it was a spectacular viewing! In Blackfish Sound a Humpback Whale was sighted feeding in a circular fashion, it was identified as being ‘Freckles’ as it is locally known. Other species also seen today: Dall’s Porpoises, Rhinoceros Auklets, Red-necked Phalaropes, Oyster Catchers, Belted Kingfishers, Black Turnstones, Bald Eagles and an Eaglet in the nest.