And just when we thought that the weather could not get any better it did! It was a beauty here on the North Island today and on the water as well where the warm sea breeze was a welcome change. The Orcas from yesterday were reported early this morning traveling east of Port Neville in the lower portion of Johnstone Strait; the A24’s and A25’s with the A23’s. We explored in Weynton Passage and were not disappointed with an early encounter of the Humpback Whale ‘Freckles’ who was entering back into the Passage from Johnstone Strait at out first viewing. The sea was calm, blue and very still and the sky once again cloudless bathed in brilliant sunshine enhancing the beauty of the area greatly where Dall’s Porpoises were observed ‘rooster-tailing’ and feeding nearby along with numerous gulls. Cruising through an island waterway and out into Blackfish Sound two other large Humpback Whales were sighted, they too were feeding in wide circles, incoming from the Queen Charlotte Strait their large flukes were highly visible and majestic when viewed from a distance away. It was breathtaking to watch their dive sequence as they came closer, one of the whales called ‘Chunky’ would dive just seconds after ‘Ivory’ and it was mesmerizing indeed to watch them both. ‘Freckles’ cleared from Weynton Passage and soon all three of the whales were observed feeding nearby the boat all feeding in wide circles. There were numerous Stellar Sea Lions in the water today and they were fascinating to watch as were the hauled out Harbour Seals. Bald Eagles, their nests and newly fledged Eaglets were also fabulous to view. Other sightings today included:Rhinoceros Auklets,Common Murres, Black Turnstones, Harlequin Ducks, Bald Eagles, Mew and Herring Gulls.