A great day for sightings including the sighting of a Black Bear on a beach while again in Johnstone Strait many matriline groups were gathered, most of the same pods that have been sighted in recent days were again in the area: the A30’s, A4’s, A5’s and I15’s. We encountered the I15’s traveling west this morning and with a SE wind blowing we were able to take advantage of this using our mainsail enabling our passengers to experience the joy of moving quietly with the orcas as we sailed along and trailing our hydrophone behind the boat, they were also able to listen to the beautiful G-Clan calls as well as their ecolocation as they neared the boat. Tacking back and forth it was a great sail and great viewing with some superb sightings of the orcas feeding nearby when they surfaced alongside and passing underneath the boat surprising all onboard. Other sightings today included: Stellar Sea Lions, Dalls’ Porpoises, Harbour Seals, Rhinoceros Auklets, Fork-tailed Storm Petrels, Common Murres, Belted Kingfishers++, Bald Eagles, one eaglet in its nest and a newly fledged eaglet sitting on an island with a parent, 5 Canada Geese, Black Oyster Catchers, Mew and Herring Gulls.