What a marvelous day we had in the sunshine! Today had to be one of the loveliest days so far this summer with warmth, sunshine and whales. A minke whale was sighted out in Weynton Passage and we observed as it foraged back and forth; pacific white-sided dolphins were also feeding nearby. A humpback whale was reported coming in off Lizard Point and we encountered it near to Donegal Head and as a light breeze was blowing we were able to sail, moving along quietly beside it. The humpback was identified as ‘Horizon’, a whale that has been sighted in the area often in the last few weeks. Traveling home via the island waterways, several bald eagle nests were seen, a total of four eaglets were sighted in their nests. Other sightings today included several hauled out harbour seals++, dall’s porpoises, rhinoceros auklets, oysters catchers and pigeon guillemots.