It was another fabulous day for viewing marine mammals in the area. Shortly after heading out this morning there was a report of a Humpback Whale and as we were sighting its blow near to Stubbs Island, orcas were reported traveling east from Lizard Point. By their behaviour the orcas looked to be Transients and we were very fortunate to encounter them near to Donegal Head and watched as they passed by the boat, there were four of them who were later identified as Transients T101’s:T101, T101A, T101B & T102. It was very exciting to watch as they surfaced, swimming in the flood current through Weynton Passage and entered into Johnstone Strait. Dall’s Porpoises were sighted nearby, Pacific White-sided Dolphins were across on the Vancouver Island shoreline while a second Humpback Whale was sighted traveling west in Johnstone Strait, it was mid Strait, with the orcas swimming closer to the Hanson Island side of the Strait. Turning back we explored some island waterways viewing Harbour Seals and a Stellar Sea Lion and enjoyed a wonderful encounter with a Minke Whale feeding in the flood current. Other sightings today included: rhinoceros auklets, oysters catchers, pigeon guillemots, harlequin ducks, bald eagles and an eaglet in the nest.