It was a quiet and gentle day on the water and as we explored several of the island waterways our passengers found them to be charismatic with an abundance of natural beauty. We encountered a minke whale feeding in Weynton Passage and following this, bald eagles were sighted with three eaglets observed in their nests and two black-tailed deer were seen grazing in separate locations on small rocky outcrops of islands. We encountered a large group of pacific white-sided dolphins out in the Queen Charlotte Strait, they were well spread out intent on feeding; some could be seen leaping clear out of the water while others cruised alongside. On the way home another minke whale surfaced suddenly beside the boat, it was exciting to see and observe its behaviour. Other sightings today included: dall’s porpoises, stellar sea lions, harbour seals, rhinoceros auklets, common murres, belted kingfishers and great blue herons.