This morning with fog lingering late and a report of orcas traveling east in Johnstone Strait in the early a.m. we headed in that direction. The fog was clearing when a tug and tow also traveling east reported orcas passing them at Naka Creek, headed in the same direction but traveling faster than they; the orcas were later reported still going east of Adams River. We turned into Blackfish Sound and could see blue sky and brilliant sunshine ahead of us and the blow of a Humpback Whale. A small group of Dall’s Porpoises delighted passengers when they suddenly came alongside and swam at the bow of the boat, it is always fascinating to view them under the water as they dart back and forth. It was interesting to observe the Humpback Whale as it surfaced and dived, it was very relaxed moving slowly, lingering at the surface between dives; another Humpback Whale was sighted briefly ahead of us on our way home. The day turned out to be a beautiful one, warm and sunny! Other sightings today included: stellar sea lions, harbour seals, rhinoceros auklets, pigeon guillemots, common murres, belted kingfishers, bald eagles and great blue herons.