It was another beautiful day when we headed out this morning, the current was ebbing fast and numerous harbour seals could be seen hauled out on the rocks, mothers and their pups while some stellar sea lions were observed near to the boat, they were relaxed and milling on the surface seemingly unaware of our presence. Shortly after a Humpback Whale was sighted near the Plumper Islands in Weynton Passage when it suddenly breached clear out of the water surprising everyone. It was exciting to watch as it surfaced and dived, feeding in the current. Touring through the island waterways viewing bald eagles and their nests and belted kingfishers darting back and forth was relaxing, a small mink running along the beach was good to see. Other sightings today included: dall’s porpoises, rhinoceros auklets, pigeon guillemots, belted kingfishers, oyster catchers, mew gulls, a great blue heron, bald eagles and an eaglet in its nest.