It was an incredible day of viewing from the moment we left the dock at Alder Bay when a small group of pacific white-sided dolphins were sighted feeding nearby. When we were well underway they caught up to us and were swimming alongside and riding at the bow delighting all onboard. They left us briefly but were soon back and proceeded to accompany us alongside all the way past Blinkhorn when we were surprised by the sight of a humpback whale fluking, the whale surfaced again and carried on to the west, it was fabulous to see. With orcas just ahead of us we cut our engine and deployed the hydrophone and waited quietly our mainsail hoisted observing as some of them foraged close along the Vancouver Island shoreline. It was the A24’s, intent on feeding they moved quickly along, at times turning back but moving steadily west they went as far as Beaver Cove, their A-Clan vocals were wonderful and it was intriguing listening and then observing as they all turned and began traveling back to the east. Some pacific white-sided dolphins were seen swimming amongst them as well. We cruised back via the island waterways enjoying the scenery and viewing of bald eagles, a nest that today showed us for the first time two large young eaglets sitting high in the nest the parents of whom came flying towards the boat as we cruised by landing opposite the nest. Other sightings included: dalls porpoises, harbour seals, oyster catchers, rhinoceros auklets, pigeon guillemots, bald eagles, red-necked phalaropes and herring gulls.