A heavy fog settled into Alert Bay just as we were leaving but it gradually receded as we began making our way east in Johnstone Strait where it was wonderful to glimpse a blue sky peaking through and feel the warmth of sunlight upon us. We encountered the orcas at Cracroft Point, they were traveling west along the Hanson Island shoreline and it was exciting to see them and wonderful to listen to G-Clan vocalizations via our hydrophone (I15’s). The orcas were well spread out, the I15’s and the A24’s, there were also orcas (A23’s) traveling parallel on the Vancouver Island shoreline. Watching as the mothers and their calves foraged close to the rocky shoreline, and seeing as they turned back and forth was fascinating to watch. Leaving the orcas we cruised through numerous island waterways, they were exceptionally beautiful today as fog hung low over the water and the lighting was superb. Other sightings included: dalls porpoises, pacific white-sided dolphins, steller sea lions, harbour seals, rhinoceros auklets, herring, glaucous-winged and california gulls, common murres, red-necked phalaropes, belted kingfishers, black oyster catchers, a great blue heron, marbled murrelets, bald eagles++ and an eaglet sitting on the edge of its nest.