Humpback Whales galore! With a report of the orcas traveling to the west off Malcolm Point this morning we spent our time viewing humpback whales. Our first encounter was near to Stubbs Island and a second whale was sighted a distance away off the Plumper Islands. Meanwhile three humpback whales were sighted together near to the Wedge Island light and a fourth one was sighted near to Bold Head. We spent an incredible time observing the dive sequences of numerous whales including that of a mother and her calf and juvenile. The day was glorious: warm, sunny and calm and as the boat sat idle and drifting, whale after whale could be seen surfacing and diving nearby, it was an amazing sight and sound as we watched and listened to their blows. There was a lot of bird activity and we could clearly see the whales making their way quickly towards the forming herring balls where lunge feeding was also observed. We counted seven whales in total but there could have been more and there were more reported near Lizard Point and further west. Cruising home via the island waterways and islands was a special experience, the lighting was superb! Other sightings included:stellar sea lions, harbour seals, rhinoceros auklets, herring, glaucous-winged and california gulls, common murres, harlequin ducks, belted kingfishers, red-necked phalaropes and bald eagles.