What a truly amazing day and tour it has been. Heavy fog blanketed the waterways of Johnstone Strait, Blackfish Sound and waters far beyond this morning, it was a total whiteout and even late in the afternoon fog could still be seen lingering low on the water. We headed east in Johnstone Strait following the lead of a report of orcas entering Johnstone Strait through Weynton Passage at around 7:45 a.m. this morning. Because of fog conditions the orcas had slipped from sight before it could be determined if they were resident or transient orcas so there was little to go on when we headed out this morning. Once underway the day brightened giving us some visibility and we traveled down to the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve, listening at times for blows before crossing Johnstone Strait making our way towards West Cracroft Island and the ‘Cliff” where we sighted a group of some 30++ Pacific White-sided Dolphins. They were fabulous to watch! They were feeding away from us and then turned back to the boat as we sat idle and drifting, they were very curious and social, swimming around the boat, coming up close before diving in a seemingly effortless motion. Looking at their streamlined bodies under the water and making eye contact with them was a real treat and special experience and with our hydrophone deployed we listened to their wonderful vocalizations. We were about to head back when it was reported that Transient orcas, the T46B's had suddenly appeared off Cracroft Point having just killed a seal and were making their way to the east and towards us. We headed back in their direction, sighting a small group of Dall’s Porpoises along the way, then at the Sophia Islands we stopped to wait for the orcas to surface and were very fortunate to see them. The fog had cleared considerably, we were at the right place at the right time to see them, it was exciting and very rewarding. The orcas went by the islands without stopping, we sighted a stellar sea lion swimming in the kelp after they had passed then we watched as they continued on their way east. Other sightings today: harbour seals, rhinoceros auklets, common murres, herring, california and mew gulls, belted kingfishers, a pelagic cormorant, a great blue heron & bald eagles.