Leaving later on tour today we had a fabulous outing this afternoon sailing in Blackfish Sound with a humpback whale. We sighted the whale nearing Bold Head, it having travelled to the west in Blackfish Sound where it turned and began making its way back to the east. Sailing across from Donegal Head we continued sailing in the Sound, observing the whale as it foraged along the Swanson shoreline prior to diving deep, fluking as it did so and just as we were leaving the area a second humpback whale was sighted further to the east near Parsons Light. We made our way home via island waterways enjoying immense natural beauty: glittering bull kelp forests streaming out above and below the water, hauled out harbour seals (mothers and their pups) two eaglets sitting high up in their separate nests, numerous mature bald eagles, a stellar sea lion and small family groups of dall’s porpoises that we observed feeding. The backdrop of brilliant blue waters framed by the snow capped Coast Range Mountains was magnificant! Other sightings included: rhinoceros and cassin’s auklets, california, mew and glaucous -winged gulls, oyster catchers, a humming bird and black turn stones.