It was an amazingly busy day for viewing orcas in Johnstone Strait! We encountered the R4’s as they headed quickly to the west in Johnstone Strait and listened to their R-Clan calls via the hydrophone while numerous other orcas were travelling close along the Vancouver Island shore and were the I15’s who had been identified among the family groups in the area today. We had a nice viewing of A11 travelling with A46 and also of the A30’s who were trying to travel into Blackfish Sound via Blackney Passage against a very heavy flood current with difficulty. A humpback whale was sighted briefly as it travelled into Johnstone Strait via Blackney Passage and another we sighted near the Plumper Islands in Weynton Passage as it foraged back and forth while dall’s porpoises joined us riding at the bow of the boat as we made our way home in Blackfish Sound. Other sightings today included: stellar sea lions, harbour seals, rhinoceros auklets, red-necked phalaropes, california, mew and glaucous-winged gulls and bald eagles.