The current was flooding when we set out this morning and the orcas who had been reported at Blinkhorn, spread out across Johnstone Strait, had turned back to the east. We began sighting blows near Cracroft Point, the sun was shinning bright and we found it difficult looking into the glare on the Vancouver Island side of the Strait. We found the A30’s spread out in the vicinity of Cracroft Point and observed the A54’s foraging back and forth wth pacific white-sided dolphins interacting with the younger calves. The rest of the family: A30, A39 and A38 were further to the west mid strait while the A50’s were resting further east, just past the Baron Reefs. The A25’s were also nearby and we enjoyed close viewing of them while sailing. A light wind was blowing at the time enabling us to sail along quietly with our hydrophone trailing while listening to their wonderful A-Clan calls. Leaving the orcas we made our way into Blackfish Sound and soon encountered a large group of several hundred dolphins, they were on a mission and continued swimming past us at a rapid rate, the viewing was amazing and enjoyed immensely by all! The final gifts as we neared Weynton Passage was a humpback whale sighting and soon after, numerous stellar sea lions who were hauled out with several swimming nearby. It was such a beautiful day with so much to see and enjoy! Other sightings today included: dall’s porpoises, harbour seals, rhinoceros auklets, common murre, red-necked phalaropes, california, mew and glaucous-winged gulls, bald eagles and fork-tailed storm-petrals.