One never knows how much marine-life we miss out on seeing, simply because we are not looking out of the window at the right time. This morning as I sat by the fire inside our house I happened to glance up and "there they were" Orcas! They were spread out in two or more groups, heading east across the bay passing the Nimpkish River; there were two or more males, several females and some smaller fins, all seen from a distance away from our house through binoculars but wonderful to see, some 9 or more orcas. As I observed for resident v Biggs/transient behaviour, the orcas crossed the strait surfacing adjacent to the Government Dock in Alert Bay and then surfacing behind, almost out of my view-scape, they appeared to be forming a resting line and slowing down, possibly they are residents from the brief viewing that I was so fortunate to see a short while ago, beginning at 8.05 a.m. this morning. I contacted Paul and Helena from Orcalab who are currently in Alert Bay and they were going to head down the road to get a look as the orcas make their way along Cormorant Island shoreline. They will post their findings on their web-site later today at: